Your Dreams

August 7, 2009 at 11:37 pm (Uncategorized)

So, you wanna be a writer? Do you, now? Really, really, do you? Okay, then. So do I. What are your dreams? Oh, my dreams? Well, let me think about that. I really adore science-fiction. I kind of consider myself a geek over it. The very thought of something great and powerful, like a time-machine, or unique powers, or a race of aliens, just absolutely fascinates me. My dream would be to write a good science-fiction novel, maybe throw in a sequel or two, and get it published. Then I want it to be a best-seller. Not like a barely breaks the top 100 and stays there for two weeks, but I mean a Percy Jackson, Ender’s Game sort of thing. Like that. I want to win a really prestigious award. I would be the youngest person ever to win it. And I want that record to stay there for a really, really long time. Then, after a few years, I want that really popular series to be made into movies. And I want those to gross at least $700 million worldwide. A billion would be nice, too. And after that, I want to live a long, happy life as an author. And have a nice family. And die in my bed, with my bookshelf next to me. Some of them are mine. Some of them are by my favorite authors. Stephen King. CS Lewis. JK Rowling. And probably some other person that will be famous in eighty years. That’s how long I want to live. 93. I want to have written at least 100 novels, that is my life goal. And I want children, and grand-children, and great-grand-children who become authors. That’s my dream. But dreams are just dreams. Maybe they won’t come true. They probably won’t. Some of them involve luck. You can’t make luck. But if you try your hardest at anything and everything, it can’t hurt you’re chances of that dream coming true. So what’s your dream?



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