August 25, 2009 at 3:10 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, whenever I get an SNI (shiny new idea) for a book, I will post it up here so the whole world can see it! *echoes* Right now, I am suffering from a crippling disease called SNIS (Shiny New Idea Syndrome). I randomly get whacked in the head with them at most unpleasant times. Like, let’s say taking Final Exams, or in the shower. Yes, both of those times it has happened.

Okay, so I got a pretty sick SNI right now, so here it is:

A girl accidently opens a door to a far away planet, and she stumbles in with no way out. The planet is bizarre: it seems to be a city the size of Rhode Island, and walls surrounding the city protect it from the dense jungles that have taken over this odd world. But the humans don’t like her messing around in this world, and will do anything to kill her so no one else discovers this secret world. While on the run from these aliens, she discovers secrets about this planet and the race of aliens that seem to be the dominant species. She finds out that humans have known about this alien planet for quite some time, and there has been a peace between them. But this girl has sent the aliens into a fit of rage and a war erupts between the aliens, with the girl trapped in the middle. And, with the help of a secret organization of these rebel aliens and some of the local species, she can maybe prevent the war from spilling into the earth and destroying all of humanity.

Ok, so there are some similarities with Creatures of Night in there (that’s my Work in Progress, or WIP, for your information) but not really. I could straighten out those too.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. A fellow twiftie, Hannah Moskowitz, has her debut novel, Break, coming out August 25th. It is an awesome story, about a kid, Jonah, who is on a mission to break every bone in his body. Great idea. And my buds at are having a contest to receive an autographed copy! Yay! So go on down there and enter the contest!


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  1. Phoebe said,

    The worst thing for me is to get SNIS when I’m writing a WIP out. I think it’s a very, very clever form of procrastination. I write them down on a sticky note and stick them all over a wall so I can come back to them later :3

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